Turn your sub into a man’s best friend with dog tail butt plugs

Turn your sub into a man’s best friend with dog tail butt plugs

  16 Apr 2021

If you’ve decided that it’s time to try something new, puppy play is the way to go. However, every scene requires some level of costuming and props. We can’t think of a better prop for a puppy than a dog tail butt plug. So let’s learn all about what makes it so incredible.

What is a dog tail butt plug?

The world of butt plugs is vast. They come in many styles, shapes, sizes, colors, materials — you name it! Still, there’s one thing that makes them special — they can have tails! What’s more, tails also come in a plethora of different versions. Fluffy or not, anyone will be able to find a tail to fit with their fursona or pet character.

A dog tail butt plug fits right within that category of tailed butt plugs. As the name suggests, it’s in the shape of a dog’s tail, but there’s a catch. We’re not talking about fluffy tails. Instead, think of a wiener dog’s tail — long, sleek, waggy.

This kind of plug is famous within the BDSM community, especially among people who are into pet play. Why? Simply because not only does it make the sub feel and look the part, but it brings the entire play to a whole new level.

What are they made of?

If you go back to thinking about what an actual dog’s tail looks like, you’ll conclude that it’s highly flexible. So to replicate that feature and keep things as realistic as possible, companies had to get creative. These butt plugs are usually made of high-grade silicone, which is amazing for many reasons!

First and foremost, silicone sex toys are great because silicone is a body-safe material. Plus, this means you’re getting a quality toy that will last you a long time. It looks and feels sleek and smooth. Why is it good for tail butt plugs? Its material and design will allow the wearer to wag their tail with ease. In fact, the tail will wag itself with the wearer’s movements. 

Best with puppy play

It’s logical to assume that a dog tail butt plug would go best with puppy play. Still, we need to define what puppy play is. We assure you that it’s so much more than playing a puppy and its master. However, that’s the base of it.

The puppy and handler relationship is much like any other dom/sub bond. However, people say that this idea of a dom/sub relationship is much more approachable than slave/master. Puppy play involves scenes that all kinds of kinksters take part in. You don’t have to be part of a BDSM community to actively participate in this kink. Still, being part of the community will help you meet plenty of other like-minded people.

These scenes look like you would imagine playing with your dog. Puppies and handlers can play fetch, wrestle, play around. It’s important to remember that, even though these types of play usually end in sex, they don’t have to. Dog tail butt plugs are best with these kinds of play because they complete the puppy’s appearance and make the handler extra happy to see them wag with excitement.

Why this is the best pet play type

Out of all pet play types, we’d say this one is the best. Why is that? Well, everyone has a different taste when it comes to the things they like. Even if we share the same kinks, our scenes will probably never look the same. That’s part of the charm of it all.

In general, pet play brings comfort to many. It’s not all about degrading someone, power play, and controlling. Most of the time, these scenes are highly playful. There is also a lot of love and care incorporated into them. We’re not just talking about aftercare but the care during actual scenes too.

Puppy play takes the crown for the best kind of play simply because of its purity, even though it’s meant to be sexual. Sure, your handler can give you the best sex of your life, but you best believe they’ll love, care, and play with you first.

On the other hand, with all the great gear and accessories you can use, there aren’t many play types that can beat puppy play in our book.

To complete your pet play experience, have a look at this lovegasm online library of amazing dog tail butt plugs, and see if you like anything.



Pet play is extremely fun, and you cannot go wrong with it. However, no play is complete without proper accessories, and what better way to turn your sub into a puppy than to give them a puppy tail? If you’re into experimenting with kinky scenes, you won’t regret adding this small detail that will make all the difference.