How are Anal Plugs Different from Other Sex Toys?

How are Anal Plugs Different from Other Sex Toys?

  04 May 2019

So where is the difference between best anal douches and a dildo or vibrator? While there are many toys intended for anal use, anal plugs have some distinctive character traits.

A plug is designed to be introduced and get stuck. Of course, while you can maneuver it in and out, if you want to, dildos are mostly used for this task. That’s because plugs have a tapered shape. It starts narrow at the beginning, gets thicker in the middle, and again very tight at the end, before the bottom begins. This very narrow end in front of the floor allows the sphincter to close around the plug and thus comfortably carry it in the body without it falling out.

Unlike other anal toys, the plugs can be safely worn in the body for a longer period of time. Some people also like to let him be stuck all night. Of course you can wear the plug only for a few moments.

The use of anal plugs also carries certain risks

But not all anal plugs are the same. Generally it is made of PVC. This material often contains phthalates, chemicals that are used as plasticizers in plastics. Although these phthalates can be found everywhere in shower curtains, for example, they can trigger hormone fluctuations. Many experts therefore do not consider them suitable for use in sex toys.

Because there’s so much to know about butt plugs, put together an extensive list of good reasons why you should own one and how to incorporate it into your comedies. Whether you have recently encountered your anal passion or are already expert in using your butt, take a look at this list and discover which tips will be added over time.

You would like to use a toy? But did you discover this desire in a completely new way? Or you have not been married yet? Maybe you are a bit undecided and stunned before the huge toy selection?

A few questions to the beginning: If you have answered this for you, you are already much closer to your perfect toy.

Where and how should the toy stimulate you?

There is almost everything that the heart desires: for insertion or for the externally stimulating stimuli, anal, vaginal, and clitoral or with the corresponding feeling for the man.

Should the toy alone bring you fun or would you like to play with your partner with your partner?

Classic solo toys are the masturbator for the man, the vibrator for the woman, the dildo for man or woman. But everyone can have fun for two too. In addition, there are special pair toys such as vibrating cock rings or toys, in which one partner controls the stimulation of the other.

Do you want to control the toy completely yourself or indulge in the guidance of your toy?

The question is whether you want an electric toy with vibration or your own stimulation or one for hand use. Both have their own charm.

How loud can the toy be?

Toys that are powered by electricity naturally make noises. But there are big differences in the volume.

Do you have any further wishes?

Now you can let your ideas play. There are numerous extras and features – for example that the toy is waterproof, pollutant-free, Made in Germany that it is made of special materials. By the way: In the shop you can filter by many criteria to come to your desired toy!

How much money do you want to spend?

A “pocket money toy” for savers or prefer the luxury version with all the refinements? Sexologists’ assortment offers the right thing for every budget. Intimate desires are as individual as the people themselves. And then you should also judge yourself as very first: according to your wishes. While one finds an anal boy spontaneously uninteresting, for another this is the most enticing fantasy ever. Therefore, experts always want to give you only suggestions. What suits you best, you know yourself best.

However, needs often change over time. Luckily because this keeps your sex life infinitely exciting: Stay on the trail of your ever new ideas and fantasies and stay open for your perhaps surprising wishes. Clear: Each toy offers different experiences and other emotional experiences. Embark on a fascinating and exciting journey!

A detailed overview of the different product categories – vibrators, dildos, masturbators, cock rings, anal toys, love balls, pair toys you will find in our article Which Toy? Sex toys are available here. 

Start Small

Many users feel more comfortable starting with a small toy so for example with the daintier, handy vibrator or a smaller masturbator model. At the beginning, some women are particularly interested in the optical stimuli of the toy: they can be made into a bed or bath by using a duckling, a funny little worm or a pretty flower shape. Some people are more likely to say they have first experiences with lay-up vibrators that stimulate only externally. Or try the vibrator with a massage of the outer erogenous zones. You can also start small in relation to your wallet. You do not have to spend a fortune to order a toy to test your needs.

To be Flexible

Whether vibrator, dildo, masturbator, penis ring: At the beginning there is a toy that is flexible in terms of material. In the case of toys for men, stretch ability of a penis ring or masturbator also means: The toy adapts more to the width of your penis, so you can take it a little easier with the size especially the diameter of the toy.  Incidentally, among the vibrators, there are those with a bent end. Some women especially like this as a beginner’s toy because they can easily find their way to their most erogenous zones with this toy.

Vibrant Temptation

Vibration is not equal to vibration. There are, for example, pulsating or wave-like impulses, faster and gentler rhythms, stronger and gentler stimulation. A masturbator or vibrator with different stimulation programs allows you to try out different things and to experiment. The great thing about the vibrating toy: You just have to deliver yourself to its stimulation and trace your lust.

Slowly but Surely

The king’s rule – not only in sex, but also when playing with the toy: do not rush. Prefer to take it easy and enjoy it all the more. Feel familiar with the toy, feel the way it feels on the skin, taste the foreboding of upcoming highs and then: give yourself to your senses!

If you become friends with an anal toy, enough time and caution and sensitivity are very important: The anal area needs some preparation to get used to the new sensations. When it gets clearer, the experience is even more intense!