Do sex toys dominate the fashion industry? Here’s what we think about it:

Do sex toys dominate the fashion industry? Here’s what we think about it:

  19 Apr 2022

Basic Thoughts About Sex Toys

So, you probably know a few things about sex toys already. You’ve heard about them here and there, or maybe you’re an expert. Regardless, let’s go over everything once again. 


Sex toys are designed for sexual pleasure and are often shaped like human genitals. But they can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! They can be as simple as vibrators or BDSM blindfolds or something more unusual, like erotic furniture! You can use them with your partner, but you can also use them solo. 


For some people, sex toys can be the only means to reaching an orgasm. Many individuals who have erectile dysfunction may find sex toys helpful. And some asexual people also use them to satisfy a sexual urge while abstaining from sex itself. The extra stimulation that sex toys provide can go a long way in helping people experience sexual pleasure. 


Additionally, sex toys can also excel at other roles. For example, many people who experience gender dysphoria use them as a gender-affirming tool! All in all, discovering sex toys can be a life-changing experience for many.  

Sex Toys and Fashion Correlation

You might be pondering the connection between sex toys and fashion. Where do the two meet? Well, fashion, pornography, and sex toys all have an intertwined history. 


Fashion is a way to rebel against censorship, restriction, and traditional norms. Fashion takes the aesthetic of sex and molds it into something else. Just selling sex wouldn’t do — fashion is all about nuance.

Really, it’s not sex that sells — it’s the aesthetic of it. BDSM themes, latex, as well as certain sex toys have all influenced fashion brands in the last several decades. 


While sexuality is present in the fashion sphere, the latter is also important designing sex toys. Sex toys need to be designed for practicality first and foremost. However, you don’t have to look far to see that viability isn’t what it’s all about. Sexuality and fashion intervene and they influence each other. That’s why butt plugs often come with shiny and intricately made jewels. Dildos are often colorful and come in all sorts of crazy shapes. And a lot of BDSM wear can pass for alternative fashion. It’s all part of a shared history!

How Sex Toys Innovated Fashion Industry

Sex toys and the fashion industry go hand in hand. But how exactly do sex toys influence fashion? We can travel back to the 1990s for a bit. 


In the early ’90s, Versace made headlines with their BDSM-inspired show, Miss S&M, which featured clothing with buckles, straps, and belts, complete with a black and metallic color scheme. The show was a way to introduce elements of BDSM culture to high fashion, and it was rather successful. 

However, it wasn’t the first time that BDSM had inspired fashion. Alternative fashion has always adopted visual elements of BDSM. Leather, latex, belts, collars, and such are all still parts of alternative fashion and have been around since the 1970s. 


But the influence sexual symbolism had on fashion goes way back. The roaring ’20s had quite a knack for combining sex and fashion. From all sorts of kinky lingerie and intricately designed clothes with strategic tears to bondage equipment and iron restraints. 


Fashion brought sexuality and sex toys into the mainstream by incorporating those toys into different styles and trends. After all, fashion is all about borrowing aesthetics and reviving old trends. So, it’s not surprising that it borrowed a bit of inspiration from this area of life as well! 

The Effect

As we’ve gathered, fashion brought the sex toys industry under the watch of the public eye. That, of course, impacted both industries. 


Bringing a dose of sexuality and freedom onto the catwalk helped break a lot of norms. Perhaps it wasn’t under the guise of causing a revolution — it may have just been a desire to add a bit of edge. Regardless of the intention, the result was revolutionary! 


Ultimately, this is what fashion has been doing for centuries. With new trends come new ideas and new ways of understanding things. By mainstreaming the idea of sex toys, fashion did a lot of good. It mainly helped with destigmatizing the usage of these devices.


Carnal desire and the need for sexual pleasure are normal. However, it’s no secret that throughout the existence of modern society, they have been denounced. The same stigma surrounded the usage of sex toys. Indeed, adult toys are still not entirely normalized. But under the flashing lights of high fashion runways, the whole world is watching. And being seen can help with being understood!

Our Recommended Toys for Fashion

So, are you interested in some stylish sex toys? Or maybe you’re just curious? Well, you’re in luck. 

The first thing in stock is something rather simple: BDSM wear. A harness or a collar can be incorporated into an edgy outfit. It’s something you can introduce into an everyday look. Especially if it’s something as elegant as the Fascination Seven-Piece Set by JimmyJane. Or something simple like this Premium Garment Leather Collar. They can be paired with any casual outfit!


But what about something more discreet. Like jewelry for example. Something simple, like the Kiki de Montparnasse Handcuff Wristlets! A piece like this is both discreet and stylish, not to mention easy to incorporate into almost any look. You could also combine it with the Palma Vibrator Ring. So, why not create a whole set?


But style isn’t exclusive to wear. There are plenty of toys you could leave on your shelf. You know, for decoration. The Bess Clitoral Massager comes in elegant packaging and several colors. It’s something you definitely won’t be wanting to hide in the drawer. But what about something both stylish and simple? How about the Kiki de Montparnasse Rose Quartz Stone Egg. It’s stunning, practical, and made out of actual rose quartz! 


A fun alternative to the product is also the Tenga Easy Beat Egg 6 Pack. It features 6 eggs, each with a unique pattern! The Silica Gel Rose Toy is also practical and aesthetically pleasing! The last must-have item on the list is the CBD & CBG Oil-Based Spray Lubricant by Glissiant. It looks like a lipstick or a tiny perfume bottle!


Whatever type of toy you may fancy, it’s always neat to experiment a bit. Just stay safe and have fun!