3 Ways in Improving the Use of Sex Toys

3 Ways in Improving the Use of Sex Toys

  18 May 2019

Anal beads or anal balls can provide sensational orgasm. They are cheap and very user-friendly anal toys. Anal balls are small balls, tied to a strong cord. The size of the anal balls is usually different. It starts with a small ball, and then the size of the balls grows. The diameter of the largest ball fluctuates around 3 cm. An ideal size for anal stimulation!

What do anal beads feel like? Most anal balls have a handy use ring, such as with X-10 Beads. You can insert the anal balls quickly, move them up and down easily and remove them smoothly. A ring is also practical when you want to try the anal balls alone. Anal balls, and certainly the anal beads with ring, are very suitable for solo sex. Anal balls are also often used in foreplay or in a free party.

How does it work?

Anal balls are loved by lovers of anal sex. They look innocent and less sturdy than butt plugs .The use of anal balls? You first put the smallest ball in the anus. Then you try the whole cord with anal beads. Carefully insert a ball into the anus per ball. You can let the anal balls stick for a full feeling. Even better is to move the cord up and down. Move the cord up and down, and just before you get an orgasm, pull the cord out of the anus with a jerk!

How to get anal balls smoothly in the anus?

Always use lubricant when you want to insert anal balls. Even better is to use anal lubricant. Anal lubricant promotes the elasticity of the skin and provides extra gust. To prepare your anus for anal penetration you can use an anal vibrator. Anal vibrators make the anus smoother and more open to anal sex.

What is an Anal Chain?

An anal chain consists of a series of beads or balls attached to a draw cord. These anal toys are also called anal beads and are meant for anal penetration. In many cases, the beads start small and become larger as you get closer to the pull cord. However, it can also occur that the beads have the same size. The end of the cord consists of a large ring or loop with which the user can easily remove the beads. The toys come in a variety of sizes and materials. The anal beads from this category are mostly made of soft material, such as silicone. Other versions are sturdy or contain textures to give the user more friction during use. In addition, some anal beads can also be inserted vaginally.

What makes an anal chain different from anal beads is the amount of space between the beads . An anal chain generally has more space between the different balls. This makes it easier to introduce the beads step by step. In addition, not all anal beads have a pull cord.

Why anal stimulation?

There is still a taboo on stimulating the anus, but nowadays there are more and more couples experimenting with anal sex. The anus is a very sensitive spot where various nerve endings of the body come together. The anus is close to the genitalia, these muscle contractions are also felt in the anus. The opening and closing of the sphincter can therefore be experienced as pleasant by both men and women. It is also possible for both to come to an anal orgasm.

Anal chain: an introduction to anal sex

The beads of the anal chain can be placed separately in the anus. This makes anal beads more than suitable for building anal experience. Unlike many other anal toys, anal chains often start very small. Some versions have balls with a diameter of only half a centimeter. In this way, beginners in the field of anal stimulation can start with an anal toy comfortably. When you are used to a certain size, you can always slightly increase the size. The larger beads can grow up to 6 cm in diameter. The user can prepare in this way for anal penetration with his / her partner, or the use of a larger sex toy.

Alone or with your partner

An anal chain can be used for self-gratification, but you can also involve in sex with your partner. In most cases, anal chains are used by heterosexual couples during vaginal intercourse. For example, the partner inserts the anal beads during foreplay and retrieves them from his anus just before the man comes. Of course, these roles can also be reversed.

More intense orgasm

Some people find the insertion of an anal chain already very exciting. Others use the toys to give a boost to their orgasm. The anal chain is then removed from the anus just before the cum shot. This in many cases provides a more intense highlight and is considered pleasant by many men and women.

Which Different Models are there?

The anal chains in this category can be found in different sizes, shapes and materials. In addition, some anal chains can also be used for other purposes. We have explained the most important differences below for you. Looking for different models, go here.

Anal chain – for vaginal and anal use

A number of anal chains from this category can be used both anal and vaginal. These versions often have balls of the same size. By inserting these into the vagina, the pelvic floor muscles can be trained. The woman tries to hold the balls as long as possible by pulling her pelvic floor muscles together. By doing this regularly, muscles in and around the vagina become stronger, allowing you to exercise more control. Also the blood supply to the vagina is improved, making you more easily excited and moist during sex. For women there are also special vagina balls available to train the pelvic floor. However, these are not all suitable for anal insertion. From a hygienic point of view, it is not advisable to use your anal chain for both the anus and the vagina. It is better to buy two separate toys.

A number of these multifunctional anal beads still have a small ball inside the balls. The balls bump against each other by physical exercise and subtly tap against the vaginal wall or anus. The moving balls give a slightly vibrating effect which is usually experienced as very exciting.