10 Sexy Outfit Ideas For Girls Night Out

10 Sexy Outfit Ideas For Girls Night Out

  03 Mar 2019

We’ve all been there where your night starts off with your girlfriends panicking in a group text, figuring out what everyone is wearing. Becky wants to wear a low cut romper but, Evelyn rebuttals and wants to wear leggings. This is a crucial part before getting ready. You need to base your outfit on the group’s decision, obviously. It’s just the rules of girl code. Depending on your mood you can go all out or dress it down. Sometimes we just want to feel comfortable or want to take risks—for the name of fashion. Help your friends decide with this guide on outfit ideas for girls night out!

1. All Black, All Day, Everyday

You can’t go wrong with this choice. All black matches everything and always will be a timeless look. Pair a simple body con dress with a faux leather jacket or a black denim jacket. You also can’t go wrong with black booties or military boots.

2. Body Suits

Body suits look smooth and sexy. Pair it with anything high waisted such as, jeans, or a skirt. They hug every body type and everything is guaranteed to stay in place throughout the night. This is one of the most simple, yet sexy outfit ideas for girls night out.

3. Thigh High Boots And T-Shirt Dress

Thigh highs save lives. Seriously though, this look is sexy yet extremely comfortable. Throw a t-shirt dress or any loose blouse with your boots. You’ll be able to dance freely and not worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.

4. High Waisted Skirts

If you’re feeling bloated from too much beer or bar food, then throw on a high waisted skirt. They conceal everything and also flatter your legs. Pair it with some thigh socks or sheer tights.

5. Sequin Skirts

For those of you who want to sparkle and stand out more on your night out, get this sequin skirt. It’s a fun way to add some glitter and express your inner Mariah. Pair it with a leather jacket and this makes it one of the best outfit ideas for girls night out!

6. Leather And Bands

Not into glitz and glam? It’s totally true you can take an old band t-shirt you have and make it part of your party outfit. It adds a casual taste but also makes an edgy statement. Pair it with a leather jacket and skirt to complete the chic rock ‘n’ roll look.

7. Off The Shoulder

Showing off your shoulders is absolutely flattering on everyone. It’s sexy and creates a beautiful frame for your body. Pair with it with ripped jeans and some sneakers, also don’t forget that choker!

8. Lace, Lace, And Lace

Lace will add a sexy delicate touch to your girls night out. It suggests some skin and has a beautiful pattern. Pair it with a flowy kimono or bare it all. You do you, girlfriend.

9. Bralettes For Days

Skip the uncomfortable push up wired bra. Who needs cleavage when you can wear cute AF bralettes. They come in various amounts of colors and styles. Do you have a neglected backless shirt that you are intimidated to wear? Pull it out of the closet and pair it with a lacy bralette, because this is the one of the best outfit ideas for girls night out!

10. Pants

It’s 3 a.m. and you’re 10 shots deep, you probably had some slip ups when wearing a dress or skirt. Pants are nice because you can fall over as many times and you’re outfit will always be in tact. Skip the embarrassment and get yourself some high waisted chiffon pants. Pair it with a body con for a chic look.